Company Description Digital Surveillance Systems with corporate offices in Cincinnati, Ohio has opened 53 franchise locations of its home-based business. The company began selling franchises in early May of 2006. Franchisees market, sell, install, and service state-of-the art digital surveillance systems for commercial and residential use. With the recent advancements in digital technology, the quality of surveillance systems has significantly increased while the cost of equipment has continued to decrease. Today?s systems are so advanced that with hi-speed internet service it?s possible to monitor surveillance cameras from anywhere in the World at anytime.

The customer base, for the company?s franchisees, appears to be unlimited and includes; day care centers, private schools, assisted living facilities, retail businesses, apartment complexes, office buildings, multi-unit fast food restaurants, hotels, banks, and private residences.

For those individuals looking to be in control of their own destiny and achieve financial independence, this franchise offers a relatively simple ?turn-key? operation with low capital requirements in a fast growth industry. The company is committed to maintaining its professional image and plans to be extremely careful in its selection of initial franchisees. In 1997, Thomas Wein, the company?s President helped develop another Cincinnati-based national franchise company HH Franchising Systems, Inc., the parent company of Home Helpers. Home Helpers is a highly successful non-medical home care company with over 500 offices nationwide.

?Our franchisees are doing extremely well as people continue to be more and more sensitive to security concerns? said Wein. ?Our dynamic marketing programs will allow our franchisees to compete favorably with other national companies and the many mom & pop operators out there? he added. Wein has assembled a strong management team, which includes 8 employees at the corporate office.

In addition to selling the digital surveillance systems, franchisees offer a very affordable internet-based service, through the company?s host website, that allows customers to remotely view their surveillance cameras. For example, a daycare center can advertise, as an added service, viewing of their customers? children via the internet so that a working mother can watch her baby sleeping, eating, or playing. The daycare center will then have a competitive advantage by featuring this service along with enhanced security with digital recording, better employee productivity, and a very strong deterrent for inappropriate behavior.

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