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Chiropractor Dr. Michael Manginelli is ardently committed to relieving and correcting his patients? pain and discomfort, using both traditional western chiropractic techniques and alternative methods, such as hypnotherapy and acupuncture, and he has traveled all over the world to learn about effective treatments. For two years, Dr. Manginelli was both a lecturer and student at the Beijing Friendship Hospital in Beijing, China. With the Hospital?s Chief of Neurosurgery Dr. Zhang Ren Yuan?s guidance, Dr. Manginelli studied Oriental Manipulative Technique methods and brought the knowledge back with him to New Jersey to treat his patients. Dr. Michael Manginelli currently maintains working privileges as a member of the Medical Chiropractic staff at Columbus Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.

Dr. Michael Manginelli has always been on the forefront of the latest developments in Chiropractic Medicine. He is the Founder and former Director of the Center for Chiropractic, Medical, and Physical Therapy Care, a unique medical center for the treatment of chiropractic injuries that employs Medical Doctors and Chiropractors under one roof, allowing for more comprehensive care than traditional chiropractic clinics. Dr. Michael Manginelli feels a strong sense of duty to assist civil workers, such as Police Officers, State Troopers, and Firefighters, who have been injured in the course of performing their duties, and as a result, the Center devotes a large part of its practice to the rehabilitation of such officers and puts them on the fastest possible road to recovery.

Dr. Michael Manginelli has also shared his chiropractic expertise with local community organizations in numerous capacities. He has worked as an Injury Prevention Consultant in Essex County, New Jersey, where he lectured city and county government employees about injury prevention and wellness. Dr. Manginelli has also served as a Wellness and Preventative Medicine Trainer at the Essex County Police Academy, where he developed a physical training course for Police Academy instructors to help eliminate injuries they often experience during training.

In addition to his medical work, Dr. Manginelli has also shown a great interest in mental healthcare, recently completing levels 1 and 2 of an Emotional Freedom Techniques Class. He has also received Certification by the American Psychotherapy Association as an Academy Certified Master Chaplain. Dr. Manginelli hopes to become a Police Chaplain in the near future.

Dr. Michael Manginelli currently resides in New Jersey and Florida.

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